PHP 7.4 Now Available

  • 8th December 2019
PHP 7.4 Available AsrHost All Server It’s that time again. Time for Santa to hitch up the ElePHPants that power his sleigh and deliver that present all good developers have been waiting for, the newest release of PHP. I took a quick peek in Santa’s bag and here are my top three features coming in PHP 7.4. Arrow Functions Anonymous functions ...
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WebsitePanel Smartermail Fix to help stop spam

  • 1st March 2014
During March 2014 AsrHost discovered one of our websitePanel smartermail server was allowing unauthenticated emails for internal domain emails to successfully be sent.As a security measure we have fixed this so its got the same correct configuration as our other Smartermail Servers.You will receive a 550 authentication error if your sending an ...
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